Borb Suggests!

Borb Suggests is a full stack application that I made entirely using React.js! Having been unfamiliar with React.js before this project, I was admittedly a bit nervous, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

In the beginning I had already known I wanted to create a recipe application, as I had already found a third-party API that looked not only incredibly detailed, but also easy to make calls to and fetch data from. Aside from that I knew that there were many other recipe applications similar to this one, so I wanted to stand out from the crowd. What better way to do that than break off from the typical minimalistic style?

I sketched out a quick drawing of the mascot, Chef Borb, and quickly mocked up how I wanted the site to look. One of the toughest parts for me was not only figuring out some of the hooks that React.js came with, but also getting the site design to look the way I had invisioned. It took a bit of creative thinking on my part, and plenty of struggles with the absolute positioning of divs and images, haha.

After I got the site to cooperate for the most part, I had to make sure that the recipes fetched from the API were all aligned properly, and also linked to the recipe page as well. Here I learned a lot about responsive design, and while the site did not end up 100% responsive, I was able to utilize things such as "vw" and z-indexes as well. I had been lightly using HTML/CSS since I was quite young and on sites like Neopets and GaiaOnline, but I was happy to see that I had a lot to learn even in this aspect of programming!

Currently, I have added dietary restriction options for Borb Suggests, and I plan on making the app fully responsive in the future with all of the knowledge I have gained since then.