GG Weather

GG Weather was a group project utilizing React.js, AWS, and the Rakuten RapidAPI service. We were given the privilege to be able to work closely with the site and give feedback to the company as well. All of us were fullstack developers in this project, but I was primarily front-end and design.

We were brainstorming quite a bit on what kind of project we should create with two APIs and while we bounced around the idea of music, TV, movies, and even dad jokes, we all eventually settled on gaming and weather. With COVID keeping us all inside we wanted a way for people to find something inside to play depending on the weather outside. Similar to how one might want to go swimming on a hot summer day, we would instead offer a game that could effectively give you a summer-y experience inside instead.

I created a very simple design for the website, as we mostly wanted the focus to be on the grid of game suggestions the user would receive after getting their weather information from their location search. With that in mind, I wanted the logo of the site to be one of the main components of the site, with the games lined up being the second focal point. I designed the logo to include a retro game font and the lightning cloud emoji, giving a fun and active feel to the site and balancing out the cool-toned color scheme.

A big struggle for all of us was in the game data being fetched. Many of the images were not evenly sized, and as a result we needed to make sure the images were all a uniform size while also keeping the site responsive. Here I learned quite a bit about grids and sizing images. I still struggle with grids a bit, but I learned quite a bit during this project and getting everything on the page. I was very glad to have my teammates with me to assist as well!