Meet Jeet!

JeetBot came to be when both me and my partner in crime, Tam, had decided that for our Duo Project, we wanted to create a Discord moderation bot. Both of us actively use Discord, and have experience moderating in busy servers.

I had asked a few of my friends who are server owners and Twitch streamers what they’d want in a bot. Many of them wanted a bot that could perform a multitude of moderation tasks without their intervention, and to be able to change the server through the bot, rather than manually. From there, Tam and I crafted a user story: Lou, a 20-something year old streamer and owner of a busy Discord server in need of assistance.

Once we had our story and a strong idea of where we wanted to go, I started to draft a face for the bot. A persona, if you will. Many of the bots that I had seen around were usually either very sleek and minimalistic allusions to a creature or person, or they were a screencap of a character. I didn’t often come across a bot with a true character or personality, and I kind of wanted to create something like that. I wanted to also utilize my passion for character creation and give the bot an extra shot of personality to make him stand out amongst the crowd.

After consulting with Tam on a few designs I had mocked up, we settled on Jeet.

As Tam worked the backend of the bot, I went about creating a landing page for users to go and add JeetBot into their Discord server. I had never used Gatsby.js before, but I was excited to see all of the things one could do with it. I picked a template and changed it up to fit our needs. I wanted the JeetBot landing page not only to be a place one could go and add Jeet, but I also wanted it to include things such as the command list, and even some more creative things like Jeet’s backstory and life. At this point, Jeet wasn’t just a Discord bot - he was an entire entity on his own.

Currently, Tam and I are working on getting a dashboard up on the webpage so that a user can sign in and modify all their server needs from the site itself, and not have to worry about going to different locations on Discord to do it.

View our MVP demo!