Mystic Tear

Mystic Tear was born from a team of me, Halee, Roger and Kohki's interest in AR and mobile gaming.

Led by Halee, I was a designing lead and worked on creating and planning the UI/UX aspects of the game. In addition, I also assisted in placing assets into Unity and tweaking the code in order to make sure everything fell into place. We spent many many MANY hours planning out what kind of game we wanted to create, as well as what would be feasible in our 3-week timeframe.

Over the course of our project, we came across a whole host of challenges to overcome. My laptop wasn't powerful enough to run Unity at the time, so me and Halee would need to work together in order to place things correctly. Then, we also had to work between both Windows and Mac computers. All in all, we had our difficulties, but overcame them all in the end to create a powerful project! As we were working, Halee and I were in charge of testing out the game, since both of us had the target phones (Android) we were marketing to.

And test we did. I tweaked and edited the UI/UX design to make sure everything was flowing coherently and easily, as well as making sure things like the AR system was user friendly.

(click image to access Figma prototype)

Regarding the game itself, we wanted to start of small, so I drafted and illustrated five of the characters we wanted to include in our game for users to play with. I also consulted with the team so that we would all have a game design that we could aesthetically be proud of.

View our MVP demo!